Let's get acquainted 

Who We Are and What We Do


AGC began in an humble building on the corner of 14th and Belmont in 1954.  Evangelist Dutchy Clayton held a tent revival, gathered a few people, and then H. B. Slaton arrived to start an assembly.  A few months later, Paul Wilson took the church and pastored 40 years.  In 1969, a new facility was built at 1465 20th Avenue and the church grew.  Brian Allard joined the ministry staff in 1982 and became senior pastor in 1994.  The multi-cultural congregation is a thriving, revival minded group of people  who welcome you to join them in worship. 

Our Worship

There is nothing like a Spirit-filled worship service.  Many times we are exuberant and express ourselves in singing, dancing, clapping, leaping, shouting, and through the playing of instruments.  At other times we may pray quietly, whispering words of love, and sometimes cry.  These actions are heartfelt as a result of what Christ has done for us and who He is.  It is the joy He gives, through His Spirit in our lives, that makes us so ecstatically happy.

Upcoming Events

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